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Cyber Threat Intelligence

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence and Why Do I Need It?

Cyber threat intelligence - the industry is abuzz about it – but what is it really and how can it help you better combat your adversaries? There are many definitions in use around Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) – largely because this is an emerging space and vendors in the Security community are trying to carve out their lanes to capitalize on the buzz. But it is important to know that all CTI offerings are not created equal and, in fact, many are not even Intelligence offerings at all. What you will find is that most vendors equate CTI to raw information - data feeds and indicators that are dumped into your environment for your teams to sort out. They confuse “information” with “intelligence,” and more “information” is not what your firm needs as you’re already inundated in that area. Keeping in mind that definitions matter, we put together this brief white paper to help you better understand Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Conventional network defense tools such as intrusion detection systems and anti-virus focus on the vulnerability component of risk, and traditional incident response methodology presupposes a successful intrusion. An evolution in the goals and sophistication of computer network intrusions has rendered these approaches insufficient for the threats facing many modern networked organizations. Advanced adversaries accomplish their goals using advanced tools and techniques designed to circumvent most conventional computer network defense mechanisms and remain undetected in their intrusion efforts or presence on networks over long periods of time.

Network defense techniques which leverage knowledge about these adversaries - known as Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) - can enable defenders to establish a state of information superiority which decreases the adversary's likelihood of success with each subsequent intrusion attempt. Threat intelligence can be a force multiplier as organizations look to update their security programs and defenses to deal with increasingly sophisticated advanced persistent threats. Security managers need accurate, timely and detailed information to continuously monitor new and evolving attacks, and methods to exploit this information in furtherance of an improved defensive posture. Make no mistake about it: contemporaneous computer network defense contains a strong element of intelligence and counterintelligence that analysts and managers alike must understand and leverage.

The Challenge

Staying ahead of ever-evolving, emerging threats to prevent potential attacks to your environment. You may be asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I have access to the information I need to protect my business?
  • Which threats are most likely to impact my environment?
  • When a major security event occurs, will I be prepared?
The Solution

ITGCSI’s Global Threat Intelligence Centre (GTIC) leverages a team of researchers, analysts and engineers to provide you with actionable intelligence you can use to keep your network protected from the latest security threats. The GTIC gathers information from a variety of internal and external sources to proactively identify, analyse, test and remediate suspected malicious activities. Our goal is to help your organization combat the latest threats and attacks more efficiently and provide guidance on the potential threats of tomorrow.

  • MSS Security Operations Centres - located in Pune, India
  • Customer Support - The GTIC identified potential or existing threats to your network and alerts your support team to provide remediation tactics.
  • Weekly Newsletter - A summary of insights, news articles, patch updates and security alerts.
  • Client Portal - MSS customers have access to a web portal that disseminates security alerts, posts from our experts, IP/URL shun lists and more


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