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ITGCSI Members have unlimited access to an extensive library of reports that provide practical guidance and solutions to information risk challenges. Our research and reports material incorporates an unmatched degree of thought leadership in cyber, information risk management and related topics.

The ITGCSI’s research team's primary objective is to protect and to provide a sound authoritative opinion on cyber incursions through our intelligence capabilities. Leveraging our partner’s global threat visibility, proprietary toolsets and unmatched expertise, the ITGCSI actively monitors the cyber threat landscape and performs in-depth analysis of emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Consisting of some of the most highly regarded security researchers in the industry with diverse experience and backgrounds in the private security, military and intelligence communities, the ITGCSI research team has a strong reputation for publishing high-quality research on real threats to businesses. Our experts are frequently the first to market with the identification of new exploit techniques and the analysis of emerging threats, and their expertise is often specifically sought by government agencies, media outlets and large enterprises.

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