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About this Event

The Information Security & Cyber Security Operations Center Institute (ICSI) is the premier global cybersecurity & enterprise-wide risk event spanning two days with more than two dozen distinguished speakers from government, the private sector, and academia. Each brings unique insights from their expertise in the disciplines of emerging technologies, operations and enforcement, academic and pragmatic experience. The 1st Annual East African Cyber Security & Enterprise-wide Conference will provide companies with a strategic view into the constantly morphing aspects of cyber security and its impact across all aspects of business.

A separate exhibition area will host companies from the cybersecurity industry.


A range of keynote presentations, panel discussions, and exceptional networking opportunities provide a rare chance to learn and speak with leading cyber security subject matter experts and solution providers from throughout the world.

The growing use of ICT applications, the popularity of social networks, and the useful services on the Internet have also created the challenge to build trust, confidence in the security, reliability, and privacy of these technologies. These are cardinal elements in facilitating transactions that increase sales, build customer loyalty and enhance the customer experience through the web. The conference will examine the regulatory framework; especially those that address cybercrimes.

Why attend this event?

Our content will exclusively address steps attendees can take right now to strengthen their cyber security strategies; conversations with fellow participants will sharpen their knowledge and broaden their networks, paramount goal for Golden Networking last, but not least, attendees are sure to walk away from this forum with a large stack of information and a similarly large stack of business cards. That is because we are building in time for attendees to network among them and engage our featured speakers and panelists. The material is so relevant and timely that attendees coming from all these professions will think this panel is tailored just for their needs

Who Should Attend?
  • IT Management
  • IT Security Professionals
  • IT Operational Technology/PCS/ICS/SCADA Professionals
  • IT System Administrators
  • IT Database Administrators
  • Data Privacy Specialists
  • Application Support Personnel
  • Legal
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Operational Technology Auditors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Corporate Security Professionals

Anyone interested in learning about state of the art security practices and their practical implementation as well as securing their enterprise and its core processes.


Ali Qamar - Pakistan

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan - India

Oswell Bimha - Zimbabwe

Brian Gerber - South Africa


Prof. Nasir Memon - USA

Jay Renade - USA

Afy Merchant - Dubai, UAE

Terrence Chimanya - South Africa


Prof. Gabriel Kabanda - Zimbabwe

Dr. Richard Young - USA

Kimberly Simon - Canada

Ali Raza - Pakistan


RK Nair - India

Francis Kimotho - Kenya




Some of the key topics covered
  • Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism
  • Fostering Good Corporate Governance and Leading the continent towards change
  • Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism
  • Cloud Computing Risks and Controls
  • Data Loss Prevention: Key Strategies for Strong Modern Data Protection
  • Expert eGuide: Learn How Data Duplication fits into your Disaster Recovery Plan
  • AML – Using Analytics to get the most from Transactions Monitoring Systems
  • Legal And Regulatory: Central Bank Requirements and More
  • How Access Governance make Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Successful
  • POS Security Essentials: How to Prevent Payment Card Data Breaches
  • POS: Getting Ahead of the Regulatory Compliance
  • Security Threats of connected Devices
  • Learn how Desktop Virtualization can Protect Data Protection Capabilities
  • Driving a "Business Risk" approach - How to make Operational Risk exciting and sought after
  • Quantifiable cyber risk reduction through changing end user behaviors



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